Maryland Regional Wrap-Up with Menion Croll – OHG003

After playing with him in our local weekly tournament today, we had the opportunity to have Menion Croll in studio. Menion finished in the top 2 of the Maryland Regional with a surprisingly fast version of hero mill in Yoda/Rieekan. He gets into the nitty gritty of his deck and takes us through each of the rounds and the decks he faced. He also discusses why he scooped in the last round of the tournament.

Also, even though Steve was sitting in the same room with us, he sounds like he’s 5 states away. This is because of the unfortunate set-up of the room we record in. We’re going to try out some things in the room to reduce the echo moving forward.

Top 2 MD regional – eRieekan/eYoda mill

Top 2 MD regional - eRieekan/eYoda mill


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