Only Hope Gaming

Only Hope Gaming was started midway through 2017 as a couple of guys wanting to give back to the Star Wars: Destiny community that had been so welcoming when we first got into the game. We started making alternate art cards for the game and giving them away for various promotions and selling through the various Facebook marketplaces and eBay. While we have had success with this model, we both knew that we wanted more from Only Hope Gaming.

The initial plan for OHG was to be a podcast about Star Wars: Destiny. However, there were so many good content creators in the space that we decided to pull away from that idea and focus solely on the cards. Since then, we have seen several more content creators come into the space and one thing has become clear; you cannot have too many people talking about something you love. Whether it is the Hyperloops, Tiny Grimes, Double Blanks Gaming, or others, we find ourselves constantly looking for new content.

After we sent Mike (BobbySapphire) of the Hyperloops some of our alternate art cards several months ago, we had a conversation about what Only Hope Gaming wanted to be. We shared with him our thoughts about podcasting and that we did not know if there was anything else to bring to that space. His response helped us get on the path we are on now and we thank him sincerely for that. “I love podcasting…and while there is tons of content…you could find your niche.” At the time he said that, we said, “Thanks,” and moved on with making alternate art cards.

Today, we are excited to announce that Only Hope Gaming is taking on more of our initial vision and we are launching a dedicated website, a blog, a podcast, and continuing to bring quality alternate arts to the market. In March/April of 2018, we will be hosting our first tournament providing our products as prize support. We have a lot planned for this year and beyond and are excited to share all that we will be doing. In the meantime, thanks for those that supported us as we continued to grow while making alternate alt Destiny cards, and again, a special thanks to Mike for helping push us over the edge. Only Hope Gaming will be extremely active in 2018 and we hope you will take the ride with us.

The Podcast

The official Only Hope Gaming podcast primarily about tabletop/tcg gaming with a focus on Star Wars: Destiny. That’s not to say that we won’t talk about anything else, as Chris and Steve are avid gamers in all forms.