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Now THIS is Podracing! – Way of the Force Spoilers – OHG008

On this episode we are joined by Dustin from our local meta. We discuss the recent Way of the Force spoilers, which included us finally seeing young Anakin and podracers. We talk about the differences between the hero side with Anakin and the villain side with Sebulba. We also discuss a card that we missed earlier in Cassian Andor. With Store Champion season finally upon us, we talk about the prize support and whether or not our local Store Championships will occur before or after Way of the Force is released.

New Way of the Force Spoilers! – OHG007

On this episode we discuss the Team Covenant spoilers. We also talk about a few cards we really enjoy and a few that we don’t like seeing at the tables. Sabine and some of the staples that make up Sabine/Ezra make the naughty list, while cards that require the pilot to consider options and scenarios make the nice list.

Videos We Talked About

New Spoilers, Worlds, and Beyond – OHG006

On this Episode Steve and Chris discuss all of the newest spoilers from the upcoming Way of the Force set, including the new Gungan archetype spoiled by the Chance Cube.  Additionally, while we couldn’t make it to Worlds this year, we give their take on what went down.  Topics range from Edwin Chen winning Worlds with a deck that not many saw coming to the presumed wide open meta proving itself to be more diverse than we even realized.  Finally, we discuss some of our favorite moments that happened at Worlds, including Mike and Joe from the Hyperloops finishing 3rd and 4th in a field of over 300 players.

Fostering a Community – OHG005

On this episode we are joined by Todd and Rick from the Knights of Ren. We discuss with them ideas for how to build a community around Destiny and strategies they have implored ranging from hosting tournaments, starting a Destiny league, and of course, providing content through podcasting. We get their opinion on the recent Only Hope Gaming tournament that we hosted on April 7, 2018 and dive a little bit into the wide open meta we are in heading towards Worlds.

Winning and Losing: Does it Really Matter? – OHG004

A new episode is here and so is a new holocron. We spoke specifically about the changes to Running Interference and Maul’s Lightsaber.

If you are playtesting, do not consider the win or loss to be the most pertinent aspect of the game. In fact, put very little stock into it unless the following criteria line up:

  • Your opponent is a top tier player using an optimized deck
  • You faced some adversity
  • You find that you are consistently winning more games than you lose with the deck
  • You have faced a true variety of the “meta” decks

Top Tier Deck/Top Tier Player

If you are playing a mid-level player using a deck they are trying out and win, what did you really learn? That you are better than mid-level players? That the deck they are using isn’t quite good enough? It’s really hard to tell how good your deck is until you have seen consistent wins against good players piloting good decks.

Did you face any adversity in the game?

Most decent decks do well when all of the stars align. You get your lower costed upgrades early coupled with good low cost mitigation while your opponent draws no mitigation and higher costed upgrades. As a result, you defeat their primary character quickly and go on to an easy win. The “win” feels good, but it is an outlier. You won’t always draw into the best possible cards and your opponent won’t always draw into the worst possible cards. You can begin to feel more confident in a deck when you face some adversity during the game and are still able to find the wins.

Consistency is Key

There will be games you should have won that you lose and games you probably should have lost that you win. However, if you play 10 games against good opponents piloting good decks and can win 7-8 of those games, you might just be on to something.

True Variety

Beating up on a couple of deck types, even when piloted by a good player, does not necessarily mean that your deck would hold up in a large-scale tournament. Sure, your deck might have done great in your local meta against the aggro decks you frequently see, but have you played against a mill deck, a control deck, or a balanced deck? Until you can answer yes to those questions, you still have plenty of testing to do.

Maryland Regional Wrap-Up with Menion Croll – OHG003

After playing with him in our local weekly tournament today, we had the opportunity to have Menion Croll in studio. Menion finished in the top 2 of the Maryland Regional with a surprisingly fast version of hero mill in Yoda/Rieekan. He gets into the nitty gritty of his deck and takes us through each of the rounds and the decks he faced. He also discusses why he scooped in the last round of the tournament.

Also, even though Steve was sitting in the same room with us, he sounds like he’s 5 states away. This is because of the unfortunate set-up of the room we record in. We’re going to try out some things in the room to reduce the echo moving forward.

Top 2 MD regional – eRieekan/eYoda mill

Top 2 MD regional - eRieekan/eYoda mill

First Look at Way of the Force – OHG002

On this episode we discuss the first spoilers released by Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) for the fifth set of Star Wars: Destiny, Way of the Force. We speculate what FFG meant when they said “the most expensive support” in the spoilers article. Could it be the Death Star?

We do a deep dive on each of the nine cards spoiled and discuss potential pairings, point costs, and whether we think each card will see competitive play.

We also discuss the emergence of the most popular Star Wars characters coming to the forefront of the competitive game for the first time (Yoda, Luke Skywalker, etc.) and why we think the game is in such a healthy place and seems to be setting up to continue the success seen by the diverse Legacies meta.


Way of the Force – Announcing a New Set of Booster Packs for Star Wars: Destiny