Once More unto the Wastes, Dear Friends – Redux – TNP001

In this episode, we introduce ourselves and the show itself. Towards the end, we talk about the Fallout community’s most controversial topic right now: The Creation Club.

We’re calling this episode a redux because it is the second iteration of the show. From the start, we knew this was going to be a daunting project, but we just jumped into it. After about 10 episodes, we made the decision to step back and reevaluate how we were doing things. We learned a lot producing those episodes, but felt like we could have started with a better road map. That and former co-host Bobby had to step back from the show due to work commitments.

The primary focus for the show is the lore. We’ll also explore some of the real life history that inspired the places, people, etc. of the Fallout world.

On Saturdays, we’ll release shorter episodes we’re calling “Side Quest Saturday”. These are episodes where we’ll just read the text (terminals, holotapes, notes) from the games. There are so many interesting things to find in the text, but no one really reads it all. That said, this show will be full of spoilers about a lot of things.

We also want to discuss current topics of interest within the community, such as the Creation Club. Bobby has also agreed to give you some real life pre- and post-nuclear survival tips here and there.

Mods We Talked About


White Stallion Lodge Redone Redux by Chris“This is my take on the White Stallion Lodge. I use this “house” almost exclusively and I wanted to spruce it up a bit and I wasn’t happy with the original. I really love this out of the way place but I didn’t want to make it into some grandiose thing.”

Fallout: New Vegas

BSGish Doc Mitchell Redux by Chris“The voice actor that portrays Doc Mitchell in Fallout: New Vegas, Michael Hogan, also played Saul Tigh on the show Battlestar: Galactica. In the third and fourth seasons of that show, he wore an eye patch and given that Doc Mitchell looks like Michael Hogan, it was weird for me not seeing an eye patch on the character while hearing his voice.”

Fallout 4

Vivid Fallout – All in One by Hein84“Vivid Fallout is an overhaul of all landscape textures, but also trees, rocks, roads, bridges and some concrete stuff. In many cases I just sharpened the games original textures somewhat, added new normal maps and a slight shadowing.”

Mogomra’s Home Plate Overhaul by Mogomra“This mod overhauls the interior of Home Plate so it resembles Mayor McDonough’s office in Diamond City.”

Home Plate – Mechanist Lair – Full Workbenches by g10stpd“This mod changes the workbenches in Home Plate and Mechanist’s Lair to be the same as a regular settlement and it also removes interior fog from the spaces.”

Fallout UIF by DarkClawRaven“Fallout UIF adds in a brand new faction called *The Union of Independent Federations* This faction is join-able and serves as the firth main faction in the game, it even comes with it’s own ending.”

Podcasts We Talked About

Skyrim Book Club“The Skyrim Book Club is an effort to create an audio book archive of the entire, epic array of books available to players of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. We hope you enjoy our quirky little addition to the greater Skyrim community.”

Note: It appears that Mogomra’s Home Plate Overhaul and Home Plate – Mechanist Lair – Full Workbenches aren’t compatible. Home Plate – Mechanist Lair – Full Workbenches wants to be below Mogomra’s Home Plate Overhaul in the load order to function, but Mogomra’s Home Plate Overhaul likes to be at the end of the load order to function properly. If/when a patch becomes available, we’ll update this post. I’ve updated my recommendations on Home Plate Mods. You can find the change here .


Chris has been writing and podcasting about things that interest him for many years. Only Hope Gaming is the culmination of those endeavors. Currently, he's a co-host on Only Hope Gaming's podcast, Battle of Endor, The Nucleus, and The Mad-Libbers.