Vault-Tec Calling – TNP005

There are generally two kinds of Fallout fan where Vault-Tec is concerned. On one hand you have the players that praise Vault-Tec as the progenitors of the Vault system that we all know and love and will happily plaster their social media/car/shirt/dog with the Vault-Tec logo. The Vault-Tec fan bois or Vault-bois if you will. On the other hand, you have those who recognize Vault-Tec for what they really are: a corrupt organization, complicit in some of the most horrifying biological and physiological testing that the world has ever seen. While both are technically true, one of those groups is viewing Vault-Tec through Nuka colored lenses.

We’re calling this a part 1, mainly because we do plan on going deeper into the specific vaults as we move through the timeline and games, giving the vaults for a specific game their own episode. And also, because I don’t want to have to come up with a witty title every time we talk about the vaults.

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