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Vault-Tec Calling – TNP005

There are generally two kinds of Fallout fan where Vault-Tec is concerned. On one hand you have the players that praise Vault-Tec as the progenitors of the Vault system that we all know and love and will happily plaster their social media/car/shirt/dog with the Vault-Tec logo. The Vault-Tec fan bois or Vault-bois if you will. On the other hand, you have those who recognize Vault-Tec for what they really are: a corrupt organization, complicit in some of the most horrifying biological and physiological testing that the world has ever seen. While both are technically true, one of those groups is viewing Vault-Tec through Nuka colored lenses.

We’re calling this a part 1, mainly because we do plan on going deeper into the specific vaults as we move through the timeline and games, giving the vaults for a specific game their own episode. And also, because I don’t want to have to come up with a witty title every time we talk about the vaults.

Penny Arcade Fallout 3 Promo Web Comic

Disaster relief outpost terminal entries

On this Side Quest Saturday, I, your humble Overseer, am reading the Disaster relief outpost terminal entries from the Fallout 3 DLC Point Lookout. We mentioned this one several times throughout our FEV episode  FEV: Master’s Race (and also, the New Plague).

Collective Benevolence
Volunteer Unit #MD18-02
Non-profit Charter REGMD982.90.2012
St Mary’s County, Point Lookout Area

Unit Mission Parameters

Evaluate Medical and Social needs of local populace. Raise awareness of health risks and provide aid on a local need basis. Assist with Federal Fitness Registry Compliance program.

Volunteers must always uphold the standards of The “Collective Benevolence” program in public and private.

New Plague Public Information

The New Plague and YOU
Copyright and Distributed by
Presidential Fitness Program (2059)

Get Registered!

Did you know that your government can protect you from the New Plague and other biological dangers? It’s true, and all you need to do is visit your local Federal Fitness Registry. Friendly Federal Professionals will be on hand to take a few minor samples and enter you in the national registry.

Your compliance with the Federal Registry Program not only keeps medical professionals up-to-date on your medical history and status, but contributes to valuable research programs – and makes you eligible for special prizes, such as fuel rations or vacations to exotic domestic locales.

Know the Signs!

Safeguard yourself and your community by knowing how to identify a person suffering from the New Plague. Common symptoms include:

  • Profuse Sweating
  • Unexplained Contusions/Swelling
  • Massive External Hemorrhaging
  • New Ideals, such as socialism

Protect Yourself!

The New Plague is what’s commonly known as a “social disease”. This means that the New Plague is especially contagious and can be commonly caught in the course of social interactions such as:

  • Ice Cream Socials
  • Cruising Main Street
  • Promiscuous Activity/Sodomy
  • Attending Fairs or Festivals

So; what’s the best protection against social diseases? Why not stay home and enjoy a novel or home-cooked meal? Limiting your exposure to other individuals is the best and more surefire way to avoid contracting the New Plague.

Remember to C.I.R.

When you believe you’ve come into contact with a person exhibiting one or more or these tell-tale signs, remember to C I R:

C – Confirm Symptoms.
Approach the person suffering from symptoms if no Civil or Medical professional is available to do so. Verify that the subject is exhibiting symptoms of New Plague.

I – Isolate!
Once it’s been established that a case of New Plague may be present, separate yourself and the person exhibiting symptoms from the general population, as the New Plague is notoriously contagious.

R – Report!
Report directly to the nearest Federal Fitness Registry of Medical Center and let the professionals handle it from there!

Unit Lead Logs

Relief Unit Lead
Private .log File

Log Entry 001

Arrived with first carload of volunteers today; Federal presence is nil. I guess the registry program came and went here at some point. There’s some leftover equipment from them I’ve been authorized to remove from storage and use. We’ve got some basic antibiotics and hygiene supplies, and a couple boxes of New Plague awareness pamphlets. Not much to work with yet, but we were at least able to get settled into the motel. For now I’ll focus on setting up our outreach center with Victoria while the rest of our volunteers get out into the community and get a feel for their situation here.

Log Entry 002

The location we were given as our outreach center was a joke. The place is half-built and what’s been put together so far looks like it’s going to fall in on itself anytime. The real estate company wasn’t much help. I sent a request for some field supplies so we can set up an outdoor center until this situation can be improved upon. My volunteers are telling me that a lot of the area lacks basic infrastructure, so we’ll probably want to get started with some basic vaccines and sanitation supplies. I included some of this on today’s purchase request, but I don’t feel like we’ve got enough of a grasp on the local situation to request much more than that just yet.

Log Entry 003

We staged our first outreach event today, which didn’t go well. The majority of the population in the central area of Point Lookout are transplants from nearby urban centers – lots of contracted construction workers, support staff for local businesses, a handful of business people involved in the construction projects. We’re here to help the rural population who don’t have a pot to piss in, but those people don’t seem to come into town. We need to re-evaluate our efforts. The local populace seems recluse. We’ll have to get creative with our outreach.

Log Entry 004

Victoria was badly wounded today. She took a truck of supplies out to the Ark & Dove Cathedral beyond the river. Most of the locals we want to help are living in primitive dwellings in the wetlands. The Cathedral offered the closest public building to that area. She wasn’t in much state to give details, but it sounds like nobody was around when she arrived. She ventured into the swamps to try and make contact with locals at one of the shacks out there. The paramedics are treating a wound on the back of her head. She’ll be okay, but it sounds like her skull was fractured. Victoria doesn’t remember anything beyond blacking out. There was nothing stolen from her person or the medical supplies, but I’m still going to err on the side of caution and forbid volunteers from wandering out there alone. We’ll do the best we can from here.

Terminal text via Nukapedia: Disaster relief outpost terminal entries

FEV: Master’s Race (and also, the New Plague) – TNP004

On this episode we’re going to be tackling the Forced Evolutionary Virus, or FEV. Looking at the Fallout world, you might be tempted to think that a lot of the mutations you see are a result of the enormous amounts of radiation visited upon the Earth during the Great War, but you’d be wrong. From Super Mutants, to Centaurs, to the Master himself, FEV has left an indelible mark on the Wastelands.

Links We Talked About

Boulder design document

TIL FEV has some actual science behind it by Murder-Mountain via Reddit

War…What is it Good For? – The Resource/Great Wars – TNP003

The Resource Wars was the lead-up to the Great War that plunged us into the irradiated Wasteland we all know and love. It can’t be looked at as some giant war that involved several world powers, as in World Wars 1 and 2, rather the Resource Wars is a term used to describe a period where the world’s powers are embroiled in their own conflicts. These conflicts revolved around a lack of resources. The Americans and the Chinese were embroiled in the Sino-American War, the European Commonwealth and the nations of the Middle East were fighting over oil, which in turn led to the European civil war. All of that culminated into the Great War, which only lasted a little over two hours.

Note: Cyrus’ audio is a bit bad for maybe the first minute of the show. Keep listening…it gets better!

The Pre-War Days: A Not So Glorious Utopia – TNP002

A big problem with the last iteration of the show was the fact that we spent a little too much time in the time before the divergence. We spent probably 3 episodes painting you a picture of what the real world was like leading up to anything you’d recognize as the Fallout universe. It was more Real Stuff You Missed in History Class, instead of Fallout Stuff You Should Know. In any case, in this episode we’re going to talk about Pre-War society. You catch a brief glimpse into the Pre-War days at the beginning of Fallout 4, but what was it really?

Mods We Talked About

Fallout 4

Mogomra’s Home Plate Overhaul by Mogomra“This mod overhauls the interior of Home Plate so it resembles Mayor McDonough’s office in Diamond City.”

Home Plate Workshop Settlement by DavidTheFalcon“This simple mod turns Home Plate into a Workshop Settlement.”

Home Plate Patch for Mogomra’s Home Plate Overhaul and Home Plate Workshop Settlement by Chris“Simple Patch to use Mogomra’s Home Plate Overhaul and Home Plate Workshop Settlement together.”

Links We Talked About

Fallout and the transistor in 2067: everyone claims it, no source supports it? by AtomOfEpicosity on reddit

Nanoscale vacuum-channel transistor on Wikipedia

Once More unto the Wastes, Dear Friends – Redux – TNP001

In this episode, we introduce ourselves and the show itself. Towards the end, we talk about the Fallout community’s most controversial topic right now: The Creation Club.

We’re calling this episode a redux because it is the second iteration of the show. From the start, we knew this was going to be a daunting project, but we just jumped into it. After about 10 episodes, we made the decision to step back and reevaluate how we were doing things. We learned a lot producing those episodes, but felt like we could have started with a better road map. That and former co-host Bobby had to step back from the show due to work commitments.

The primary focus for the show is the lore. We’ll also explore some of the real life history that inspired the places, people, etc. of the Fallout world.

On Saturdays, we’ll release shorter episodes we’re calling “Side Quest Saturday”. These are episodes where we’ll just read the text (terminals, holotapes, notes) from the games. There are so many interesting things to find in the text, but no one really reads it all. That said, this show will be full of spoilers about a lot of things.

We also want to discuss current topics of interest within the community, such as the Creation Club. Bobby has also agreed to give you some real life pre- and post-nuclear survival tips here and there.

Mods We Talked About


White Stallion Lodge Redone Redux by Chris“This is my take on the White Stallion Lodge. I use this “house” almost exclusively and I wanted to spruce it up a bit and I wasn’t happy with the original. I really love this out of the way place but I didn’t want to make it into some grandiose thing.”

Fallout: New Vegas

BSGish Doc Mitchell Redux by Chris“The voice actor that portrays Doc Mitchell in Fallout: New Vegas, Michael Hogan, also played Saul Tigh on the show Battlestar: Galactica. In the third and fourth seasons of that show, he wore an eye patch and given that Doc Mitchell looks like Michael Hogan, it was weird for me not seeing an eye patch on the character while hearing his voice.”

Fallout 4

Vivid Fallout – All in One by Hein84“Vivid Fallout is an overhaul of all landscape textures, but also trees, rocks, roads, bridges and some concrete stuff. In many cases I just sharpened the games original textures somewhat, added new normal maps and a slight shadowing.”

Mogomra’s Home Plate Overhaul by Mogomra“This mod overhauls the interior of Home Plate so it resembles Mayor McDonough’s office in Diamond City.”

Home Plate – Mechanist Lair – Full Workbenches by g10stpd“This mod changes the workbenches in Home Plate and Mechanist’s Lair to be the same as a regular settlement and it also removes interior fog from the spaces.”

Fallout UIF by DarkClawRaven“Fallout UIF adds in a brand new faction called *The Union of Independent Federations* This faction is join-able and serves as the firth main faction in the game, it even comes with it’s own ending.”

Podcasts We Talked About

Skyrim Book Club“The Skyrim Book Club is an effort to create an audio book archive of the entire, epic array of books available to players of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. We hope you enjoy our quirky little addition to the greater Skyrim community.”

Note: It appears that Mogomra’s Home Plate Overhaul and Home Plate – Mechanist Lair – Full Workbenches aren’t compatible. Home Plate – Mechanist Lair – Full Workbenches wants to be below Mogomra’s Home Plate Overhaul in the load order to function, but Mogomra’s Home Plate Overhaul likes to be at the end of the load order to function properly. If/when a patch becomes available, we’ll update this post. I’ve updated my recommendations on Home Plate Mods. You can find the change here .